River Birch Lane Cottage
and Bed & Breakfast
The River Birch Cottage is
a beautifully restored
homestead just outside of
Salem, MO.  
Montauk State Park Cabins & Campgrounds
Montauk Park offers pretty campsites at the headwaters of the Current
River.  There are also cabins for those who don't feel like roughing it.
Mark Twain National
Counts Hollow is right in
the middle of the four
areas of this National
Forest.  There are
camping facilities
throughout the Forest.  
The closest ranger
station to Counts Hollow
is in Salem on Hwy 19
just south of Hwy 32.
Silver Arrow Campground & Cottage
We love the folks at the Silver Arrow.  They are very friendly, and if you
stick around long enough, you're sure to hear a good story.  Along with
their canoe rentals, they offer great camping for families and groups.  
They also have a nice cottage about three miles from their campground.  
Best of all, they are right around the corner from Counts Hollow!

Music, Food
& Wine

Salem, MO

Eminence, MO

Tourism Assn
One of these days, you will be able to stay overnight here at Counts
Hollow.  There will be campsites, cabins and a bed and breakfast to
allow you to take in all of our sites.  Until then, we recommend staying
at one of these area establishments.  Of course, there are other hotels
and motels a short drive away in both
Salem and Eminence.
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