Before we open, we will be using this page to chronicle our progress.  Check back
soon to learn how to build a straw bale barn/winery!  In the future this page will tell
you all about our events.
Our Norton grapes from harvest in crates to
crusher/destemmer to storage bins to the start of
fermentation. Thanks again to Katie and Clyde @
Peaceful Bend.
This weekend we had a mess of friends from Columbia,
MO drop by to give us a hand with our building and more
logging. We still had time for a friendly game of frisbee,
great coffee and conversation. We think our friend Joe
and Weezie may have made a love connection.
September 24
September 21-23
October 7
Some shots of the
happenings over
the past week at
Counts Hollow.
Denise and Sophie
inspecting the work.
November 4
Merv and Adam have been
busy logging and building
over the past few weeks.  
As shorts and siestas are
replaced by shorter days
and longer pants, the
show must go on.
View from tasting room window box through to winery
back wall.  The three windows that will fill this space
have been donated by Elena's grandparents from
their 100+ year old house in St. Louis.
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November 17    Trusses
starting to come together.
Denise takes a break from another
hard day of work to take a few pics of
the trusses as progress continues on.
Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day
with two of the four trusses nearly
complete. Sore backs and knees prevail.
Pics looking southeast down
the hill. The second shot is
looking north up the hill at
the winery site and
irrigation pond being dug.
November 27   Dozer work is
finished on Pierre. Some shots
of the vineyard and a shot of the
dozer finishing up another
irrigation pond at Counts Hollow.
November 30  Great day !!! Our organic signs were
finished today and will be placed at Counts  Hollow
next week.  This is an exciting event at our farm, as it
will bring us a step closer to organic certification, which
has always been our goal.  We've been working hard to
give our vines the best care possible without damaging
the natural balance of the existing ecosystem.
Besides doing a darn good
impression of Vanna White, Denise
has been trying out a few bread
recipes that we think will go great
with our wines and cheeses.  We
can't wait to share them with you!