We will be making grape juice from all our grapes for our
friends and families as well. Sweet nectar of the gods.
Counts Hollow wines are hand crafted in traditional European styles. Like the French, we
believe in the concept of terroir, that a wine should reflect the time and place in which it was
made.  That being said, the wine truly does begin in the vineyard.  Merv practices his own
brand of meticulous (sometimes obsessive) viticulture and ensures the grapes are picked at
their peak.  Our winemaking methods include extensive use of barrel aging (French and
American oak) and aging on lees to enhance the depth and mineral character of each grape.

Our winery is not quite ready for producing a 2007 vintage, so we have partnered with Clyde
Gill at
Peaceful Bend Vineyard to help us with our first vintage.
"When quality counts--Counts Hollow"
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